What Makes Crater Lake National Park Awesome

crater lake national park

It’s not every day we get to visit a park like the Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon.

First opened back in 1902 and spanning 183,224 acres of land, the Crater Lake National Park is not your usual location filled with historical beginnings and multicultural settings. As per namesake, this park is best known for its crater lake – a remnant of the now-collapsed Mount Mazama. Nearby, there’s the Wizard Island, a cinder cone on the western rim of Crater Lake that spans 315.85 acres of land and can only be accessed during summer; and the Rim Drive, a popular highway around the caldera rim of Crater Lake that spans 3 kilometers of loop road and can be accessed from two points: the Pumice Desert in the north and the Munson Valley Historic District in the south.

Even more so, Crater Lake National Park doesn’t promise a myriad of places to see, but also a myriad of things to experience.

Some of the best places to see within the park, aside from its very own crater lake and Wizard Island, include the Crater Peak, a shield volcano that is made of andesite and basalt lava flows; the Timber Crater, also a shield volcano like Crater Peak that comes with two cinder cones; and the Union Peak, an extinct volcano that is reminisced by a large plug.

Some of the best things to experience within the park, aside from sightseeing on its very own Rim Drive, include Crater Lake Oregon swimming or boat riding from access point Cleetwood Trail, hiking or camping on Garfield Peak, trekking or swimming on Plaikni Falls, strolling or cycling on Castle Crest Wildflower Garden, and a whole lot more.

Indeed, it’s not every day we get to visit a park like this.

Visit Southern Oregon now to see, as well as experience, for yourself what makes Crater Lake National Park awesome!

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