How to Use a Framing Nailer Correctly


Ever wondered how attractive wooden decks and fences are made? Well, they were achieved with the powerful framing nailer!


A framing nailer is utilized for large wood projects like wood siding, fence building, and deck building. Compared to the finishing nailer, it’s used for larger nailing jobs.

Proper Use

These nailers come with a large cylinder that’s positioned above the tip of the nailer. The tip is a safety feature that must be pushed against the wood workpiece before the trigger should be pulled.


To fire a framing nailer, the first step you should do is to load the gun. Next, situate the cylinder and the tip. They should both be aligned in the direction where you want the nail to be shot.

After you position them and before you pull the trigger, you should press the nailer into the wood to push the nail tip. The framing nailer should fire a single nail into the wood with the head somewhat depressed—around 1/8 inch.

Should you need the nail to sink into the material a bit less or a bit more, all you have to do is adjust the depth adjustment on the framing nailer, and you can achieve the depth you need.

After these steps, you can now pull the trigger.

Here’s an informative video to help you figure out how to use a framing nailer properly:

Safety Tips

To ensure your safety, wear appropriate clothes, proper eyewear, and hearing protection every time you use your framing nailer. Remember—these nailers can be loud, so you really should protect your ears.

Paslode-902600-CF325Li-framing-nailerFraming nailers come with safety features—don’t ignore those. Keep the nail tip of the nailer at all times and don’t disable or take it off in an effort to release nails faster. Doing so will turn your nailer dangerous as a gun without its safety features. Remember that a nail can be as threatening as a bullet.

Lastly, don’t pull the nail tip back with just one hand while your other hand is firing. Just like handguns, nail guns can also misfire. So avoid this wild stunt by any means.