Nature and Exercise: Taking Workouts Outdoors


Much has been said about how nature is good for us. But not many people get to spend time in the wilderness or in the midst of nature as needed. You do not have to be an outdoor lover to seek the benefits of spending some time away from the constant buzz of city life. And the good news is that you do not have to wait for planned nature trips to enjoy a bit of nature scenery. Taking your workouts outside is just one of the simple ways you can benefit from the two things that are good for you – nature and exercise.

Take a stroll or walk as often as you can. Walking is probably one of the best exercises that you can easily build around your daily routines. It is something that you can do on a whim at any time you want. You can walk in familiar routes or explore new paths. Apart from getting your daily dose of exercise, you also get a chance to meet with other people in your community.

Explore green spaces on two wheels. Biking is another great outdoor activity that allows you to enjoy more scenery. It beats sweating it out for an hour or more on indoor exercise machines. You could burn a lot of calories in an hour or two cycling near parks or other green spaces close to you.

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Go for a run. Running is a great form of exercise outdoors. You can opt to get off the beaten roadside tracks to run in trails or along the beach near you. Going for a run every day can give you the energy and stamina to accomplish the things you have to do at any given day.

Find a trail and go for a hike. Hiking makes a great addition to your list of options when you develop the habit of exercising outdoors. Changing terrains can provide your leg muscles with a good workout. But more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to spend more time with nature. Go for a hike with your loved ones and friends for some added fun.

Take your yoga mat outside. If you practice yoga inside your home or at the gym, you may want to change things up by taking your yoga mat outside a few times a week. Start on your porch or backyard. Or you can head out to the nearest park and join other yogis who may be doing their own exercises there.